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Regional manager (assignment) : 2

Job description:
1. Capable of independently developing market and maintaining customer relationship, more than 2 years of independent market development experience;
2. Strong market development ability, acute market sense, strong logical analysis ability and independent thinking ability;
3. Good negotiation skills and communication skills;
4. Responsible for market research and data collection;

This is a challenging job, and only those who work hard can succeed. Your practical ability is above all else.

1. At least 2 years working experience in mechanical industry or mechanical major graduate is preferred;
2. Good analytical, thinking and excellent business negotiation skills;
3. Have a good mentality, a strong enterprising spirit, a high ability to resist pressure and subjective initiative;
4. Have good summary and analysis ability, strain ability and good computer knowledge;
5. Industrial machinery and equipment industry talents and marketing professionals are preferred;
6. Capable of organizing and planning;
7. Able to adapt to long-term travel requirements, healthy, willing to work hard.
Foreign trade: 1

Job description:

1. Cet-4 or above, fluent oral English, good reading and writing skills;
2. Carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers;
3. Liaison, negotiation and negotiation of export business; Record and analyze related business;
4. Handle export orders and ensure delivery according to customer requirements;
5, the applicant is required to conduct the right, decent style, hard work, have enough business ability;
6. Strong communication, coordination and organizational skills;

7. Proficient in operating Excel, Office and other computer Office software, and familiar with B2B e-commerce transaction platform management.


1. Bachelor degree or above, male or female, 25-40 years old or so; Engaged in foreign trade sales and business assistant work for more than three years, computer operation skilled;
2. Majored in international trade, marketing and business English, cet-4; Fluent oral English, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in foreign languages;
3. More than three years of working experience, rich knowledge of foreign trade, and a certain degree of understanding of machinery and automation;
4, strong learning and acceptance ability, good understanding; Have high enthusiasm for this profession, work actively and have a strong sense of responsibility;
5, must have more than two years of actual international trade sales work, two years of international market independently develop customer experience, proficient in spoken English.
Interested parties please send your resume to liyang-aote@163.com


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