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ABM aerosol can blaster

ABM aerosol can blaster
Product description:
Product introduction:

ABM air fog tank pressure bursting testing machine is suitable for testing the pressure resistance and bursting strength of air fog tank. Aerosol can manufacturers need to save costs and packaging product quality, it is very necessary to accurately measure and evaluate the performance of aerosol can equipment. This equipment can click a one-time implementation of aerosol cans products withstand voltage test and blasting test two indicators of the inspection and testing pressure curve shows all the way, the controller power special analysis software, can automatically measuring the compressive strength of products and instantaneous sampling products burst pressure, automatic logging measurements, can record products up to 6 times in the process of testing deformation pressure (including the top twist deformation pressure, bottom cover deformation, burst pressure), customers can print the matching results. The measurement process requires no operational intervention

Product features:

1. User-friendly design of operation interface. Touch HMI provides rich system information and operation information, easy operation and maintenance, the operation panel provides Chinese and English operation interface.
2. Dynamic tracking of system operating parameters. The pressure of each channel is displayed in curve diagram, and the change of tank pressure is clear at a glance.
3. Test result history record. The system stores the last 8 detection information for each channel, which is convenient for operator parameter adjustment and improves efficiency.
4. High precision detection element PT and fuzzy logic control are selected.
5. Modular mechanical design. Strong and durable, beautiful and graceful.
6. Excellent selection of components and implementation of product quality assurance system.

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