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Alt-Q automatic disc type air pressure leak detector

Alt-Q automatic disc type air pressure leak detector
Product description:
Product introduction:

Alt-q series automatic rotating disc type high-speed metal tank leak detector is the latest generation of metal hollow container leak detection equipment independently developed based on the company's years of experience in the leak detection industry. The detection process adopts several core technologies to ensure the stability, reliability and high speed of the machine to realize non-damage online detection; It is suitable for testing the air tightness of all kinds of metal hollow containers, such as metal cans and barrels.

Product features:

1. The demand for working space is smaller (about 1/3 to 1/2 of the linear machine), and the buffer conveying line is removed, which is especially suitable for metal canning enterprises with limited workshop space;
2. High reliability, stable operation and fast speed. Adopt mature PC control technology, select high-precision sensor parts, greatly improve the detection accuracy and reliability; Provide the largest 24 channel model, the detection process is in motion.
3. User-friendly interface design. Touch HMI provides rich system information and operation information, easy operation and maintenance, the operation panel provides Chinese and English operation interface.
4. Dynamic tracking of system operation parameters. The pressure of each channel is displayed in curve diagram, and the change of tank pressure is clear at a glance.
5. Historical record of test results. The system stores the last 8 detection information for each channel, which is convenient for operator parameter adjustment and improves efficiency.
6. Block mechanical design. Strong and durable, beautiful and graceful.
7. Excellent selection of components and implementation of product quality assurance system.

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