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Development status and future trend of low voltage electric appliance industry in China 2018/12/30 0:00:00

After more than 50 years of development, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has now formed a complete industrial system. Its products are widely used and have great market potential. By 2015, the power supply reliability rate of the agricultural network reaches 99.7%, the comprehensive voltage reliability rate reaches 98.5%, and the integrated line loss rate reaches 6.2% on average. Therefore, the transformation of the agricultural network drives the huge demand of low-voltage electrical appliances on the distribution side.

The current situation of low voltage electrical appliance market in China

After more than 50 years of development, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has now formed a complete industrial system. Its products are widely used and have great market potential. Statistical data shows, product of homebred low voltage electric equipment is about 1000 series, output value amounts to 20 billion yuan, the production enterprise that has dimensions above exceeds 2000, basically concentrate in coastal guangdong, zhejiang and Shanghai wait for a province and city. At present, low-voltage electrical products are at the technical level from the first generation to the third generation, and the fourth generation of products are still under development.

With the improvement of domestic electric power construction level and the continuous development of low-voltage appliance production technology, the new generation of low-voltage appliances characterized by intelligence and communication will become high-grade products. At present, domestic medium, low grade low-voltage electrical appliances basically occupy the vast majority of the domestic market, but domestic high-grade low-voltage electrical appliances in addition to individual products and foreign similar products can be evenly divided, the domestic market share of most products is still very low, the domestic market for high-grade low-voltage electrical demand still depends on imports.

At present, the market of low-voltage electrical appliances is gradually expanded with the construction of power facilities. In recent years, the demand for low-voltage electrical appliances at home and abroad is generally in the state of expansion, and the market prospect is very considerable. However, domestic low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises generally lack sufficient independent innovation ability and high-end market competitiveness.

As the price war and channel war become more and more fierce, the domestic low-voltage electrical equipment industry melee environment is deteriorating. In fact, China's low-voltage electrical equipment industry technology and production level is relatively weak, most of the enterprise scale is small, all aspects of resources are relatively scattered, is still in the low-end areas of repeated research and development and mutual imitation stage. In addition, the strong invasion of foreign large enterprises, the original domestic enterprises in the low-end market has been nibbled away, the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The good news is that many national brands began to strengthen the sense of anxiety, in addition to overcome raw materials and artificial cost, financing difficulties, reduce the cost of product management increasing equipment technology upgrading, strengthening cost management and cost control, emphasize the research and design of product to the attention of the design referred to an unprecedented height.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, the appeal of "design to enhance brand value, design to get rid of the 'low-end' problem" is increasingly strong. And some forward-looking enterprises are brave enough to take a solid step, through the cooperation with well-known design enterprises to comprehensively enhance the brand and product competitiveness. Among them, galantou design has its own mature methods and processes in brand strategy, product planning and product design, and has been committed to the brand upgrading and product innovation of low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises for a long time. Established good long-term cooperative relations with people's electrical appliances, zhengtai, noac, tianzheng, changzheng and other brands; What is more worth mentioning is that the strong alliance between noac and galantou has won the unanimous praise of industry personages and become the object that numerous brands compete to imitate.

China's low-voltage electrical equipment has formed a certain industrial scale, looking into the future, "to design to enhance brand value and competitiveness" will become the only way for low-voltage electrical equipment enterprises to upgrade and transform. By giving full play to the great potential of design, it is expected to improve the status quo of the low-voltage electrical appliances industry, and promote the industry to move towards the goal of high-end steadily.

Throughout domestic low-voltage electrical appliances industry, various factors hindering the development of the industry growing, excess production capacity, insufficient funds, lack of core technology, the low-end products, foreign brand strong impact, plus the cost of raw materials, labor costs and financial costs, rising prices and channels of the vicious competition escalated, cause industry overall profit growth rate falling, most of the development of low voltage electrical appliances enterprise start into a bottleneck period.

Where is the way to break through the encirclement of low voltage electric appliance industry? In the face of bleak industry status quo, many enterprises have "think change", in addition to the traditional breakthrough mode up and down, but also pay attention to the overall design of the brand and product, to "design" to break through has become the consensus of many low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises. What is worth mentioning is that the strong cooperation between domestic design leading enterprise galantou and the low-voltage electrical appliance brand novak has made a good story in the industry.


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